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Jakma Creative Services

Making ideas a reality!

We offer a variety of different services. 


We provide a diverse range of packages. To get an idea of what we can do for you, see below. Each project is different and requires contrasting elements to reach completion, however the fundamental process is always the same. Our skillset includes: Market Research, Concept Development, Product Development, Material and Technical Specifications and Prototyping.


We love concepts! We love new ideas. We love creating new products or taking ideas for a product and developing them for you. Most people with an idea fall into the trap of thinking that the first version that springs to mind is the best and only one. Successful product development requires establishing the problem you are trying to solve first, investigating the myriad different ways you can solve this problem and then through several iterations of a design you will finally wind up with the best solution. This takes time and effort. Concepts are a big part of this process and that's what we're good at!

Product Design

Product Design is our main area of expertise. We can help you take your product idea from concept stage all the way until it is market-ready. We can also assist you in determining the best route to market. A full product design package gives you all the documentation you need to take your product to manufacture stage and includes production of prototypes for proof of concept.


Need branding for a new company or a revamp for an existing company? We can help. Talk to us about our branding package. Website, Letterheads, Logo, Brochures and Business Cards.

Feasibility Studies

Have a business idea, but not sure where to go with it? We can help evaluate your concept and assist you with the appropriate research and write-up to take your idea to investors or an enterprise board or even straight to manufacture.


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